CHARO-Kezang Wangdi-Kezang Dorji – Lyrics

CharoKEZANG Wangdi-KEZANG Dorji
Music & Mix – M-Studio
Release date – 27th Sept. 2013



(Kezang Dorji speaking)

July 3rd 2012 will never be forgotten.

 (Kezang Wangdi humming)

Hmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmmm mmm………
Hmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmmm mmm………


Nazu sem lu yey chey meypei
charo ngachey tsu gayra gi (gayra gi)
(Hearts ache cuz you aren’t here with us anymore)
Milu michu yey due atara
(we’ve tears in our eyes)
Deyyi ngachey charo tsu pham chigi puencha zoombey
(We lived like children of same parents)
Lobdra chi na lu ta di deyyi
(We’re in the same college)
Charo gi dueshey keydi puen puenchayi tsedung keydi
(Our friendship was so strong. We loved one another like siblings)
Sem gawai tsem tseydi deychi
(We were so happy together)
Nga nora mitsubey nge sem kha nazu yey
(I can’t believe this has happened. Its so painful)


Rap Verse#1 (Kezang Dorji)

We’d done the exams, we’re making future plans.
You, me and we friends on our way to graduation
after years of education.
We’re all confident we gon get an occupation.
Three years in the college ended like a dream.
But God intervened, you started getting sick.
We showed you the doctor, you got some medicines
And we lit up few lamps hoping for some blessing
But your physical condition got worse each day
You couldn’t walk properly. You couldn’t stand or eat.
The pain in your body didn’t let you sleep
But you were happy all your friends were there for you
Yes we cared for you.You said you felt safe
when I stayed with you
“Nan chola kham jang lo dey na” (I can trust only you)
I still hear you say Cuz I loved you like my brother
and you treated me the same.
It was time to return all the care you deserved
Two weeks in your room we tried all we could
But the prayers and the pills couldn’t do you any good
So one day you decided to go home for better treatment
Before you left you came to see me. It was a cold rainy morning,
you were looking really weak.
I pulled the vehicle door and I hugged you in my arms
As I told you goodbye tears from your eyes
streamed down your face and you cried in pain.
The moment is so clear like its yesterday.
When you reached home, you were taken to the hospital.
I called you on the phone you said you felt alone
with your friends around no more.
No I never thought that’s the last thing you told me
Until the time the tragedy happened.
I’m sorry for the time I was not there by your side.
Man I feel so sad cuz the time we had will never come back
And now that you are gone man I feel so alone
We ain’t together but you are in my heart
always forever

 (Kezang Wangdi)

Thruelwa sem lu yey nyintsen meyba
Ngyamro ngachey tsu gayra gi
(Your thought makes our hearts go cold)
Hay..ay ay ay ay ay ay hay ay ay ay hay ay ay ay ay hay….

 Verse#2 (Kezang Dorji)

If I can rewind the hands of time Abracadabra,
Back in the year two thousand nine
when I saw you for the first time
I felt like I knew you from a long ago
We fo sho had some Karmic connection,
Had the same story, had the same passion.
I don’t even know how we got that close
from strangers to friends and friends till the end.
Three years together wish to have it forever.
Man, I still remember
Ja charo bakey tennyi optur choley reba gila. (whatever I am is because of my friends)
The best councilor was what you achieved
But who would have thought that the leader they saw
As the perfect example would struggle with a disease
So hard to handle but we have to accept –
What you got today won’t be there tomorrow
So we gotta make the best of the time that we own.
Cuz nobody really knows what future has to show

You are gone up now to a far better place
Hope you are smiling down every time you hear me pray.
There’s never been a day I didn’t think about you:
The smile on your face and the look in your eyes
is always on my mind.
It’s hard to believe that you are gone away
just like a dream.
We worked as a team and we still gon be
The trust and the care, the love that we shared
will always be there. And the moments we made
will never be erased.
Though you’re gone so far I know you’re going hard
no matter where we are
We swore from our hearts, till the end from the start
In the light in the dark we will never be apart
But now that you are gone man I feel so alone
We ain’t together but you are in my heart
always forever…..


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