Named the Rising Star of Bhutan, Kezang Dorji is a Bhutanese rapper (B-Pop Artist) and a social artist. Calling himself a raptivist (rapper activist), Kezang makes songs with social messages. He is the first Bhutanese artist to feature on the BBC and CNN.

Early Life

Kezang was born in 1989 in a remote village called Wooling under Orong Gewog in Samdrup Jongkhar district in Eastern Bhutan. His parents separated when he was six after his family had moved to Dewathang, a small town in the same district. He was raised in poverty by his mother. His struggle and Eminem inspired him to get into rapping.


In 2011, Kezang launched his first music album with his college band Sherubtse Rockers. His song Chegi Denley was released on YouTube as a promotional video for the album.

Kezang joined M-Studio in 2013 and has released all his songs from the studio ever since. His first song in a Bhutanese movie Gachibey had a good response and thereafter Kezang has featured in a number of Bhutanese movies.

In 2017, he released a compilation album of 16 songs called “The Kuzuzangpo Album” and became the first Bhutanese artist to release an album on a USB drive.

He released his latest album KUZUZANGPO 2 in January 2019. You can listen to the audio of the album here.

He became the first Bhutanese artist to tour the country with The Kuzuzangpo Tour in 2016 which covered 9 districts.

In 2019, Kezang did his second musical tour the KUZUZANGPO Tour 2 in which he covered all 20 districts of Bhutan becoming the first Bhutanese artist to do so.

Kezang is arguably the first Bhutanese artist to cross a million views on YouTube. Kezang is the first Bhutanese artist to be featured on CNN (April 2016) and he also is the first Bhutanese artist to be covered by BBC (May 2018)

Awards & Recognition

In 2007, as an eleventh grader Kezang won a national level poetry competition and was awarded the Grand Jury Award in the Children and Youth Festival 2007 for his poem “Wherever Thy Majesty Leads”.

In 2012, for his contribution to the community as a student in Sherubtse College, he was awarded the prestigious “Director’s Medal for Social Service” from Sherubtse College.

In 2018, Kezang was awarded the South Asian Youth Award 2018 by the International Youth Committee.

Kezang has represented Bhutan in the following international youth summits:

  1. LEAD Alliance 2017 in Mongolia,
  2. Generation Democracy in Indonesia in 2017 and
  3. Global Summit in Austria in 2018.


Kezang was elected the 23rd President of Sherubtse College (FINA) in 2011.

In August 2012, he was elected the Chief Councilor at the National Graduates Orientation Program, an orientation program of all the graduates of Bhutan for that year.

In 2014, Kezang became a member and was elected as the Speaker of the first group of the Youth Initiative.

A Motivational Speaker

Kezang is often invited to schools, institutes and youth groups to share his story with youths. He was also a “Lightning Talks” speaker at Mongolia, Indonesia and Austria.

To support and get the latest updates on Kezang’s journey subscribe to his channel on YouTube  and like his Facebook page. For bookings and queries write to kaydrapzone@gmail.com.

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