Kuzuzangpo Tour 2 (2019) Concluded


At CST, Phuntsholing


Brought to you by M-Studio, the Kuzuzangpo Tour II by rapper Kezang Dorji was a sequel to his Kuzuzangpo Tour  in 2016.

The tour had a total of 25 shows, including 18 schools and 7 colleges, covering all 20 districts of Bhutan. The tour was completed in 36 days.

The inaugural show was held in Bumthang on April 25, 2019 while the concluding show was hosted in Thimphu on May 29, 2019.

At Sherubtse College

The shows

Each show spanned for about 2 hours in which Kezang shared his story and talked about national issues while performing rap songs with social messages. His talks emphasized the following;

  • The importance of emotional intelligence (developing through daily journal writing),
  • The importance of connecting to one’s roots/village/people (to preserve local culture), and
  • The importance of buying local products (to attain national economic self-reliance)



Shows were performed at the following venues. Click on the names of the venues to watch the videos of the respective shows.

  1. Sonam Kuenphen Higher Secondary School, Bumthang (April 25)
  2. Taktse College of Language & Cultural Studies, Trongsa (April 26)

    Zhemgang Higher Secondary School

  3. Zhemgang Central School, Zhemgang (April 27)
  4. Losel Gyatsho Academy, Gelephu, Sarpang (April 28)
  5. Kuendrup Higher Secondary School, Gelephu, Sarpang (April 29)
  6. Mendrelgang Central School, Tsirang (April 29)
  7. Daga Central School, Dagana (April 30)
  8. College of Natural Resources, Punakha (May 1)
  9. Bjishong Central School, Gasa (May 3)
  10. Samtengang Central School, Wangdiphodrang (May 4)
  11. Chukha Central School, Chukha (May 5)
  12. College of Science & Technology (May 6)
  13. Orong Central School, Samdrup Jongkhar (May 7)
  14. Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Dewathang, Samdrup Jongkhar (May 8)
  15. Nangkor Central School, Pemagatshel (May 9)
  16. Trashitse Higher Secondary School, Trashigang (May 11)

    Tsenkharla Central School

  17. Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Trashigang (May 14)
  18. Tsenkharla Central School, Trashiyangtse (May 15)
  19. Mongar Higher Secondary School, Mongar (May 16)
  20. Lhuntse Higher Secondary School, Lhuntse (May 17)
  21. Tangmachu Central School, Lhuntse (May 18)
  22. Samtse College of Education, Samtse (May 22)
  23. Tsaphel Lower Secondary School, Haa (May 25)
  24. Paro College of Education, Paro (May 27)
  25. Wangbama Central School, Thimphu (May 29)


Sarpang DEO receiving the class projector

Through the tour a class projector was donated to one school in each of the 20 districts. The beneficiary schools which were mostly remote were nominated by the respective education offices. The following are the schools that received the class projectors;

  1. Chokhortoe Primary School, Bumthang
  2. Bemji Primary School, Trongsa
  3. Bjoka Primary School, Zhemgang
  4. Ritey Primary School, Sarpang
  5. Phuntenchu Primary School, Tsirang
  6. Lungtengang Primary School, Dagana
  7. Shengana Lower Secondary School, Punakha
  8. Laya Central School, Gasa
  9. Singye Namgay Primary School, Wangdiphodrang
  10. Getana Primary School, Chukha
  11. Zangthi Primary School, Samdrup Jongkhar

    College of Natural Resources

  12. Mikuri Primary School, Pemagatshel
  13. Kangpara Lower Secondary School, Trashigang
  14. Melongkhar Primary School, Trashiyangtse
  15. Soenakhar Primary School, Mongar
  16. Ganglakhema Primary School, Lhuntse
  17. Dorokha School, Samtse
  18. Rangtse Primary School, Haa
  19. Guneytsawa Primary School, Paro
  20. Lingzhi Primary School, Thimphu

A student receiving a diary

Additionally, diaries were given as prizes in schools to encourage daily journal writing for development of emotional intelligence.

The tour was sponsored by Druk Green Power Corporation Limited, Druk Fiber & Resin Reinforced Products, State Trading Corporation of Bhutan, Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals, Bhutan National Bank, Kuensel, Penden Cement Corporation Limited, Druk Ferro Alloys, State Mining Corporation Limited, Bhutan Polythene Company, Bhutan Alternatives, Druk Ride and Elevation Fitness.

A total sponsorship of Nu 200,000 was received which was mostly spent to buy projectors and expenses related to travel was self-financed with support from friends and family. As was the case in Kuzuzangpo I in 2016, all the shows in the tour were for free.

All 25 shows are released as mini documentaries on YouTube. You can watch the videos playlist below;

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