Win Nu 5,555.55 with Druk Gyalkhab Music Video Challenge

Druk Gyalkhab Music Video Challenge

Win Nu 5,555.55 by participating in the Druk Gyalkhab Music Video challenge & get featured in the music video.

Objective: To celebrate Bhutanese identity, culture & diversity

What to do?

  1. Post a video on your social media account using the song Druk Gyalkhab – Kezang Dorji ft. Nyingyel Phuntsho & Yeshey Choden
  2. Tag @kezangdorjiofficial on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok
  3. Email the video to


  1. Video should be in landscape format
  2. Video should use the song ‘Druk Gyalkab’
  3. Video should be a minimum of 30 seconds long
  4. It can be shot using any camera (including mobile phones or any other camera)
  5. Video must include a person/People dancing or singing the song or posing in national dress, local costumes or official uniforms.
  6. Encouraged locations: Historical & landmark monuments or scenic locations


  1. The videos should be posted and emailed by December 14, 2022 (10 PM BST)


  1. The winner will be declared on or by December 18, 2022 (10 PM BST)
  2. The winner will be picked through a lucky draw

Listen to song on the following sites;

  1. Spotify

2. YouTube

3. Soundcloud


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