Dear Prime Minister-Kezang Dorji – International Day of Democracy 2015 Theme Song (Bhutan)-Lyrics

Dear Prime Minister is the theme song for the International Day of Democracy 2015, Bhutan. The song was produced by Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy. In the song Kezang expresses his observation of the changing patterns of the Bhutanese society with the introduction of democracy in Bhutan. He shares his thoughts on how Bhutanese can together make democracy work for Bhutan.

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Midey Gi Kangyel – Kezang Wangdi & Kezang Dorji – Lyrics

Released in 2013, ‘Midey Gi Kangyel’ is a theme song for a private firm in Bhutan called Druk ECOMS. The song was made for the launch of the firm’s ‘Royal Wedding Wall Clock Project’ on the second anniversary of the Royal Wedding (October 13, 2013). The song was released with a live performance of by song at the clock tower in a show hosted by Kezang Dorji. The show was a live event on BBS channel 2.

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Chegi Denley-Lyrics

Title: Chegi Denley Artist: Kezang Wangdi–Kezang Dorji Length: 4:24 Release Date: 2011 Music: Tandin Dorji Watch the music video on YouTube here Lyrics  Kezang Wangdi (Humming)  Chorus Nga garu. (Nga garu) Nga choru (Nga choru) Bum chegi denley (My happiness…
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Don’t Give A Damn

Don’t Give A Damn – Lyrics Artist/Songwriter: Kezang Dorji Music: Tandin Dorji Release date: 2011 Intro (Talking)  To all the people out there working day and night, making sacrifices and trying to do something good. You got to know we…
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