Bhutanese Rap Cypher-Thimphu City Thugs (Lyrics)

Song: Rap Cypher (Thimphu City Thugs)
Artists: Dre Z D, MNM, Tsherie, Kezang Dorji, Maynia & Drona
Recording & Mix: Play Studio, Bhutan

Year: 2017

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Dre Z D

I just sit back relax,

Contemplating future ion care about the past,

Rapping and ripping it,it’s like a fucking reflex,

Like Conor McGregor I like to kick ass,

Survival of the fittest,yeah I’m with this,

you can be a witness,

Don’t be fucking up my vibe this ain’t none of your business,

With this grind committed, Killing it with consistent,

Need no assistance or resistance bitch I’m too persistent,

I just hop on beat, I just take the lead,

Finna kill the beat with the heat,

Got a beast in me that never fucking sleep,

Indeed,I’m ready to eat, I practice what I preach,

I do it with ease, Here to take over you should leave,

I’m just doing me, Here with the recipe,

Never sweating it dawg cause this is meant to be,

My policy is honesty, That fuck shit don’t apply to me,

I grew up as a prodigy,got hiphop in every part of me,

I be chillin with my team that’s TCT,

We be blowing out that green we on THC,

Bout to shut it all down till the count of three,

Let me show you what I’m taking about like hold up B

I be chillin with my team that’s TCT,

We be blowing out that green we on THC,

Bout to shut it all down till the count of three,

Let me show you what I’m taking about like hold up B


yetsa naya, menkhang naya,

tsoenkhang naya, thremkhang naya,

lhakhang naya, lhopdra naya, zakhang naya,

changkhang naya. ya taru khuenga dhuendup.

ma taru benza guru. gache guche baygo ru dra.

gatey gutey jo goru dra. teru mena loo mee,

teru mena throwa mee, teru mena la mee,

menchoe mee, Zane thungne ghola mee,

charo mee, puncha mee, bum mee.

teru youn ming ya chup. sampi rewa gara drup.

yala mala baygo rura mengo c khong lu time.

O khang nada tsoenkhang naya

ga di mo c khong gi threm.

gosa teru thuenlam di drupi youekha go ra go.

doru tsache tang jenźzz!

(gosa teru thuenlam di drupi youekha go ra go)

chala teru ghola gara shew da lu ba ne me sa

zushe layru nghoree youe ru meru ma j tsache shene shego

zago thungo baygo lapgo dida chekha tsamtsue sheygo,

chup da changkai barna aiwa zo ne mendu.

inn c menbo teru youeru meru me ga ra drenda inn.

chup mena changka mee,

changka mena chup mee. ngachay gara drenda inn

chegi chelu charo bay di men zop mabay.

khaya ma tang gay. mapa kalay dangyem drangdunn?

ga lu sayme dilu dene mo? ga lu sayme dilu lapne mo?

rang ra immbay mena ah?



People call me Tsherie

I’m from the land of the drukpas

just watch me go and get the money watch me blow it on honeys

I’m rapping with professionals what can you say

oh god, this just made my day

I’m out here to blow not just flow

Boy you come real slow and act so low

so please boy don’t you try to mess

if you fucking complain imma fuck up your game plan


if you mess with me boy imma fuck up your game plan

yeah. let’s go 1,2

let me switch up the flow

brothers in my arm and I got my baby girl right next to me

believe in me cause I’m out here to make history

don’t talk about victory cause the victory’s ours

you heard what I said

Thimphu city thugs

it was all a dream but now I got my dream team

let me be straight TCT that’s what we rep

please don’t try to mess

this ain’t a fucking game of chess

we don’t need to guess hip hop is what we possess

all these rappers giving tension but we don’t pay attention

we busy grinding busy hustling always about the mulla

sick of all this drama we might send you guys to coma

let’s not do this we’ll make you think about your dear mama

you talk about karma, yeah karma is a bitch

but don’t you worry now cause we always practice dharma

call us the TCT, Thimphu city thugs

all we wanna do is smoke that g shit dhuks

Kezang Dorji

Laso. Laso. Laso. Daru log wongyi marey

Khatsa nubley zilwai nyim dari thendo zoom sharlay

I kept coming back like Jason since I first came

Ngotrey zhuwa chin, Kezang Dorji is my name.

Nam lo nyiktong din ley I started to perform

Four years later I dropped my first song

Di gangley deyyi haters. lama dato ya mo!

Mapa ngalu kheymi gachi no-ru-no

They say hate’s a colder version of love and jealousy

So, I got love for you no matter what you’ve been telling me

Plus I’m vegetarian. So, I don’t need no beef.

You can have all the meat. Worthless to compete.

My purpose is peace. There’s more than just the sty.

Got no time like no swine. I’m focused on my grind.

Like Siddhartha in BodhGaya. Nothing can harm me.

Skin like Bruce Banner. One man army!


Drupei O.G.Yeah.

All I do is work

Like a 4.o GPA sophomore from Berkeley

Oh dem Bs be all over my D cuz I play hard

When I spit Bhutanese folks looking at me like

I’m a retard. Yeah.

Depressed by the fact dhubee peeps

Predict that I can’t make an impact

They say I lack the skills to thrill

But I’m always on my mac keeping it trill

No faking no poker faces going ham leaving

Traces of me in the making of becoming a beast


The best in the east from the west

Born blessed compared to the rest

Test me and I’ll sink you six feet under like the rest

Trust me you don’t wanna end up in that kind of mess

Confessed I’m oppressed with stress

If you fuck with my La Familia we gon guest with zest

Till we find you fuckers and fuck you fuckers up like a pest

Blood will be shed leave you drenched in red

Mummified in surgical tapes on a hospital bed, yeah,

I’m expressive and eloquent unlike Moses

Life’s good homie on a bed of roses

Me, myself and I opened up my third eye bitches

I can see success embossed on my forehead

I can see seven figures figured on my forehead

Separated by two commas and I’m talking about dollars

Racks on racks on racks of C-Notes

Every dog has his day, I’m on my way USA.


T City

Let’s go With the Flo

Swim with the beat and get down low

Ae bro You fat hoe

Ha..Can’t even see your own stinky toe

I’m a super nature creature with a feature of rap teachers

and a Devil preacher in a bleacher

and you be a ball ditcher while the pitcher

throws a ball which will beat ya hit ya

might wanna stick ya genital feature

I’m ripping it up with a drink in my cup

a principal at a school you be the sub

subliminally imma murder you bitch

with ma lyrical dagger and very low pitch

Take you in a basket put in a casket

And murder you fucker your head imma stack it

Im A sophisticated machine who made it

Bet you can’t crack it And nor can you hack it

Im a rapper with a paper writing down a fucking letter to society

About matters that has been up in my mind

i aent just sitting here damnn quietly

Don’t you dare critic on this

cuz I might just burn you alive till the third degree

Dump your ass in the Blackest Sea

You be my torturee

And you a fat boy. I be a bad boy

So get outta ma face and play with your fucking sex toy

You be a gay boy.

You be ma decoy.

Milking a cow is what you do best.

You a cow boy.

Man my Mary Jane is lit Take one hit and you fucking fall

So lit It’s 100% Tetrahydrocannabinol

Can’t we be in ecstasy without the pill?

Why is there an eye of ra in a dollar bill?

Then, why ask God for all the money?

When we know the root of all evil is money

Imma make some money even when I’m taking a dump

If you think money aint everything go ask Donald trump

You can’t hide your pimples with your fake cosmetic case

You can’t face the problem when the problem is yo face

Sapai kukur din awong tsa but today is not your day

You stray dog I don’t have a place for you to stay

I’m unique I’m black in a yellow nation

Is peace all that you need?

Let there be no religion

I’ll teach you how to be famous

Teach you how to deal with your sorrows

Drag my name in your track

you gonna be famous from tomorrow

Thimphu City Thugs!

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