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Album name: The KUZUZANGPO Album Type: Compilation Total songs: 16 Device: USB Drive (Total space: 2GB, Song space: 60 MB, Free Space: 1.8 GB) Price: Nu 250.00   To order your copy contact the following: Zhonba @ +975 17802902  Cheki…
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The Power of Music

The Power of Music is a speech I gave at the LEAD Alliance 2017, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Organised in partnership with World Learning by the International Republic Institute Mongolia, a branch of IRI USA, the LEAD Alliance 2017 is a four day…
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GOKAB (Thrung Thrung Karmo) – Lyrics

 Title– GOKAB (Thrung Thrung Karmo OST) Artist– Yeshi Bidha feat. Kezang Dorji Music – Jigme Norbu Wangdi/JNW Studio Year: 2016 Music Video below MP3 Lyrics Verse I (Yeshi Bidha)  Nga lo chi labni yeysa. Tsachi ngalu ngyen na Nga labthang…
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Kuzuzangpo – Lyrics

                      Title-Kuzuzangpo                   Artist– Kezang Dorji Music/Mix-M Studio Lyrics Verse 1 Chilo chigtong goupja-gepchu jagu- Chida chupa chitsey-ngyerngyi lu Drin cheywai ama…
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Song: Gachibey Movie: BAEYUL-The Hidden Paradise Artist:  Ugen Penjor, Yeshi Bidha & Kezang Dorji Recording and mix: M-Studio Music Video link Mp3 link Year: 2014 Gachibey–Lyrics  Gachibey… Gachibey… Gachibey  Hook Gachi bey….Beygo noru beyra mitsu bey Gachibey…Pecha taani gokab mithobey Gachibey….La da yo zen thobra mitsu bey…
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Wherever Thy Majesty Leads – A Poem on Bhutan’s Transition to Democracy (2007)

Dreams of Hope (To My Motherland) is a poem I wrote when I was in my eleventh grade at Bayling HSS (2007). The poem is an expression of my opinion about Bhutan embracing democracy. The poem received the Grand Jury Award in the open category poetry competition in the Children and Youth Festival 2007 organized by the Youth Development Fund, Bhutan. The poem ends with an Shakespearean sonnet.

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Powered by Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited, Nganglam and it’s product Dragon Cement, International Choice in association with Bhutan Power Corporation, Bhutan Telecom, Bank of Bhutan and Druk Holding and Investments Limited, M-Studio brings you the ‘KUZUZANGPO’ Tour by Bhutanese Rapper…
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The Garden Will be Ours – Poem by Kezang Dorji written in 2008

Written in 2008, the poem, ‘The Garden will be Ours’, is a sequel to Kezang Dorji’s awarding winning poem, ‘Wherever Thy Majesty Leads’, 2007. The poems were written at the time when Bhutan was transitioning from Monarchy to Democracy. In the poems Kezang expresses his doubt about democracy and at the same time the confidence he feels about Bhutan still being lead by visionary monarchy.

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